Volunteer: Assistant Librarian for a Community Library & Bookmobile

2/17/15 –  Volunteer Assistant Librarian for a Community Library & Bookmobile
Roatan Volunteers, Roatan, Honduras

Sarah P’s comments:  I received an e-mail at the end of January from Martin Larsen, the Volunteer Coordinator for this organization.  I usually like to verify these opps and replied asking for more info but, to date, have not yet received a reply.  However, I am intrigued enough to share this information as there are still not many volunteer library opps.  I am including in this post Martin’s e-mail as well as a description of the library. Visit the link for further information and if you know anything about this organization or decide to try volunteering there – please share!

3/18 update – Martin replied to me that that this is indeed a legit volunteering opportunity and there is currently a Canadian academic librarian researching going late next fall if anyone is interested.  She knows of other professors who have worked in this location and with this library.  I am going to try and go too if at all possible…

To Sarah Gibson,

My name is Martin Larsen, and I would like for you to consider RoatánVolunteers as a listing on your website for volunteer opportunities. I am a Danish national living on Roatán in Honduras, where I founded RoatánVolunteers, an organization that provides volunteer and research/internship opportunities.

RoatánVolunteers is located on Roatán, the largest of three Bay Islands in the Caribbean Sea. The island is about 50 miles off the coast of Honduras, and is easily accessible via an international airport that flies direct to five US cities.

We have formal agreements with a variety of organizations in need, all of which are dedicated to providing relevant, challenging, and interesting work. We have three areas where volunteers can get involved: Kids, Health Care and Nature. RoatánVolunteers is about personal growth. Our volunteers have opportunities to grow in ways not directly related to their service (e.g. learning to speak Spanish, learning to scuba dive).

We provide pre-travel guidance and planning, airport pickup, safe housing, placement with a local organization, and personal support during their entire stay. I live full-time on the island, and will be there personally to take care of any needs that arise. Living and volunteering in the Caribbean is a unique opportunity, and I hope that we can create opportunities to work together, to improve not only the lives of Hondurans in need, but also the lives of the volunteers.

Saludos / Best regards

Martin Larsen
Volunteer Coordinator



Mission: Improve the economic development of the island and quality of life of its people through excellence in education.

Current Programs:

  • Bookmobile visits 14 schools biweekly lending books to students and leading rading activities in the classrooms.

  • Sand Castle Library provides lending library, tutoring, and homework help time; plus board and computer games.

  • Teacher training in Spanish, English, and math.

Possible Volunteer Activities:

  • Join the bookmobile crew

  • Work with our library team as a Librarian Assistant

  • Tutor students

  • Lead science activities

  • Create reading, writing, science, and math activities for use in the schools.

  • Teacher training in areas of science, math, and writing, teaching in a bilingual classroom, classroom management.

  • Assist director with marketing and fundraising strategies

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