News: The Second ISS Hiring iFair

3/6/15 –  ISS (International School Services) Hosts Second Virtual Hiring Fair

Sarah P’s comments:  For anyone interested in the international school librarian market ISS is hosting another hiring fair, this one after the height of the hiring season has concluded.  This is an opportunity to gain a break-in position for those without the ‘A list’ attributes, namely international experience, school media certification on top of an MLIS (but you should be able to show you are working to obtain it), and/or being single or part of a teaching team.  ISS held the first fair of this kind last November before the season started and claims to ‘have created over 2,300 connections between schools and candidates’ whatever that means!  You must be a registered ISS candidate to attend so if you are interested you need to contact ISS very soon because establishing a file can take time due to credentials and recommendations needing to be verified. And please join ISR, International Schools Review, to read reviews of any schools you might be interested in.


ISS iFair 2015
April 23, 2015 – April 23, 2015

Join ISS at a virtual interview sign-up session!

ISS is pleased to present a virtual interview sign-up event. Log on, connect with recruiting schools and set up interviews to take your career to the next level. We’ve combined interview sign-up with exciting new technology platforms to bring interviewing directly to your phone or laptop.

International Schools Services is proud to be the first to offer this type of event for schools and candidates worldwide! It’s the best part of an IRC from the comfort of your home/office. Connect with schools early in the season and set up interviews. No taking time away from school – just you, your laptop (phone or tablet) and ISS recruiting schools connecting online. Everyone will be online at the same time, so you can instantly schedule your interviews.

With the use of technology, finding a position has never been easier or more convenient.

Schools will create a virtual booth, which candidates will enter when the event is live. Each school can customize its booth with information such as: logo and website; information about the school and country; salary and benefits packages; and open positions. Recruiters will be online and waiting to talk to candidates. Candidates can enter as many booths as they like, queue and communicate with recruiters.

All communication will be done via instant messaging so that attending this event is truly hassle-free; there’s no pressure to check the lighting of your webcam or background noise. After this initial meeting, follow-up Skype interviews can be arranged.


Schools Attending


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