Volunteer: Community Library

3/4/15 –  Volunteers Needed for a Community Library
Amani Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya

Sarah P’s comments:  This is an interesting organisation with lots of information available about them which is always a good sign.  I was not able to find any specific reviews but checking out the following links gives a good picture of what sort of experience you are likely to have.  There is also an informative article about how to have a good volunteer experience in Africa in which someone from Amani Kibra Centre talks about what they are seeking in volunteers.

About Amani Kibera Resource Centre

Information about a Librarian at the Centre

Amani Kibera Library Youtube Video (2014)


Volunteer Opportunity description:

Amani Kibera is looking for volunteer librarians who will help with the work at its community library.

How to apply:

contact us with your CV (resume) through the email to amanikibera@gmail.com



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