Job: 22 positions with the Qatar National Library

2/20/15 –  Library positions with the Qatar National Library
Doha, Qatar

Sarah P’s comments:  The Qatar National Library has the following positions listed as open (see below).  They are part of the Qatar Foundation which is reviewed on GlassdoorApplicants who are fluent in Arabic will be given preference.  Also, there are two positions which have been listed on IFLA which do not appear to be on this list: Information Services Librarian Biology & Chemistry and Copyright & Licensing Librarian.

Jobs regularly appear and are filled but the process is vague and the length of time to hire very slow.  Salaries are good and Doha is safe but recently has been trending toward becoming conservative, for example, cutting off liquor licenses for some places, increasing the segregation of men from women, etc.  If you are interested in the Middle East, however, these are cultural differences you will need to accept.


Head, Digital Library Repository

Library System Officer

Senior Researcher

Head,Research Data Curation

Library System Officer

Senior Information Services Librarian Social Sciences

Library Relations Officer

Head of Archives

Senior Content Specialist

Head of Collections

Information Services Librarian Historical Maps

Information Services Librarian Qatar

Information Services Librarian Photography

Head Of Preservation & Conservation

Cataloging Librarian

Senior Cataloging Librarian

Cataloging Librarian

Acquisitions Librarian

Senior Access Librarian

Senior Information Services Librarian

Digital Preservation Specialist

Head of Community Learning and Engagement


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