Job: School Librarian

2/7/15 – School Librarian
Majuro Cooperative School, Majuro Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands

Sarah P’s comments:  The Marshall Islands are where you should go if you want a funky, out-of-it experience.  They are far from anywhere and you will face challenges such as an unmotivated local population, expensive electricity, and things like the one ATM machine running out of money on weekends.

This is the first time I have seen a librarian position listed for this private school. My son attended this school while we worked at the college and it was the usual scenario – well-meaning teachers trying to make a difference in a challenging place.  If you are interested in the South (really it’s North) Pacific then, with the right attitude, this could be a rewarding and unique experience despite some really irksome moments (we certainly found it so).

Note: I find it interesting that the position description does not included qualifications needed s0 here perhaps is an opportunity where you could apply without a school media certification.  Nice, simple application process as well…

FYI:  An excellent book to read about life in the Marshall Islands is Surviving Paradise: One Year on a Disappearing Island by Peter Rudiak-Gould who volunteered to teach English on one of the outer atolls for a year.


Majuro Cooperative School, Republic of the Marshall Islands International School, is looking for a school librarian/media specialist. This is an exciting opportunity for school librarian who loves adventure, is self-motivated and a self-starter.

The School Librarian/Media Specialist will:

  1. Instill a love of learning and literature in all students and ensure equitable access to information and leisure reading materials.
  1. Ensure that all students are effective users of ideas and information.
  1. Empower students to be critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers and ethical users of information.
  1. Collaborate with classroom teachers and specialists to design and implement lessons and units of instruction and help assess student learning and instructional effectiveness.
  1. Provide leadership and expertise necessary to ensure that the school library program is aligned with the mission, goals and objectives of the school and is viewed as an integral part of the learning/instructional program.

School Librarian/Media Specialist Duties include:

  • Provide a library media program and resources that meet and support the informational, curricular and leisure reading interests of students and faculty.
  • Promote literacy and the enjoyment of reading and listening to printed and spoken word.
  • Provide for the organization, circulation and maintenance of resources for effective use.
  • Consult with students and faculty regarding their needs and interests in relation to the selection and utilization of materials and equipment.
  • Plan with teachers as cooperative partners to integrate curriculum content with resource use and informational literacy skills.
  • Use direct, formal instruction and indirect, informal instruction to teach specific skills needed for use of the library/media center and technology with students and staff.
  • Coordinate information retrieval for students and faculty through print, audiovisual and online sources.
  • Implement policies for effective use of technology through the organization of facilities and equipment.
  • Maintain an inventory of books, computers, equipment, audiovisual materials and computer software.
  • Prepare past due notices for outstanding items.
  • Manage the library/media budget.

Network Administrator duties include:

  • Serve as technology liaison for the school and facilitator of the school technology committee.
  • Support network maintenance (firewall, routers, switches, cables, etc.)
  • Support personal device management and computer and hardware maintenance.

How to apply

If you are interested in applying for this position, send your cover letter and resume to Kristin Olson Hogan at



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