Job: Head Librarian

2/4/15 — Head Librarian
Kodaikanal International School, Tamil Nadu, India

Sarah P’s comments:  This school claims to be rated the #1 international residential school in India. I have been following this position for awhile since it was first listed in 3/14, re-posted in 11/14, and has now just been re-posted yet again in 2/15 – each time with the advert saying the position is immediately available!  There is only one review on International School Reviews which indicated that the area was beautiful and that the school was nice but in decline.  Here is another review from Glassdoor:  If you would like a chance to work in India and/or are looking for that first break-in position overseas, I think this would be a position to consider.  Just make sure to ask whether and how the problems of the school are being addressed.

FYI:  For those interested in international school positions you should join TIE (The International Educator), where you can see open positions and also post your resume, as well as become a member of International School Reviews.  See Book Resources, Chapter 3, for related links and I recommend reading my book as well for further information about the hiring process of this segment of international librarianship.


Position Start Date: Immediately

Position Description: To ensure that library media resources and educational technology are supporting the 9-12 academic programs, and that they are well communicated to students and staff. Provide resources for using technology in education.

Academic Qualifications:

  • B.A (or equivalent) in Library and Information Science; Masters preferred

Professional Experience:

  • Experience working in a school library, including teaching information and digital literacy; knowledge of IB programs and resources, as well as experience in acquiring library and textbook resources are valued
  • Experienced working with youth ages 10-18
  • Experience working with library systems management, including cataloging and classifying; experience with KOHA is valued.
  • Experience as an effective supervisor

Professional Skills:

  • Possess a high degree of fluency and accuracy in written and spoken English
  • Able and willing to stay up-to-date with IB school library standards and best practices, as well as about age-appropriate literature for grades 9-12
  • Highly skilled in computers, particularly with databases, social media, and internet
  • Possess a strong interest and confidence in teaching and learning
  • Skilled in working with teams, as well as being independent, self-directed and creative
  • Strong leadership skills to motivate and support supervisees
  • Enthusiastic about interacting with grade 9-12 students from diverse backgrounds, and have a strong desire to be of service to students and teachers
  • Excellent verbal and non-verbal communication and organizational skills
  • Experience with cross-cultural integration and adjustment
  • Dedicated with plenty of energy
  • Willing to work creatively with available materials/ resources


  • Develop and teach the one semester course, Information and Digital Literacy, to students in grades 9 and 11
  • Head of Department:
    • Supervise all staff in the K-8 and High School Libraries
    • Prepare and maintain library budget
    • Develop and support library policies
  • Maintain the physical and the electronic library collection, as well as the textbook collection, and ensure that they meet the needs of all and is communicated and marketed properly
  • Ensure the library is well-designed, equipped and maintained to serve and encourage student and staff use, in collaboration with students and staff
  • Guide teachers who needs help in the use of technology in the classroom; for example, set up blogs, introduce online collaborative tools etc.
  • Train teachers and students in the use of the physical and digital library resources
  • Keep the library website and Facebook page up-to-date and well-developed
  • Support residential life of the school by chaperoning activities and sponsoring clubs
  • Support and promote Design’94 (click here to read)
  • Fulfill any other duties assigned by the Principal

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