Volunteer: Library/Reading Corner Assistant

1/8/15 –   Library/Reading Corner Assistant

WorkAway.info, Manabí, Ecuador

Sarah P’s comments:  Generally the reviews say this site is legit and the experiences are good.  WorkAway has a Reviews page where they post reviews (naturally all positive) but there are quite a few which is reassuring.  Couldn’t find any reviews on the traditional sites (see Book Resources – Chap. 9 Volunteer Opps) but did find an interesting thread which included both good and bad experiences.  The overall advice seems to be to thoroughly check out your host family situation before going.

One of our main goals is to promote literacy in Puerto López. We have a small library of 500 books with offerings for all ages, although the focus is on children. Because the concept of a “lending library” is not part of the culture here, books are only available to be read on site during library hours. In general, books are not widely available here. The Library Assistant helps teach library patrons how to take care of books, develop reading and comprehension skills, and learn to love reading! The Assistant monitors the library during open hours, maintains and organizes the books, and helps maintain and make suggestions for our Amazon Wish List.

During school vacation (February/March), and other times when possible, we host a Reading Corner, when a volunteer reads aloud to children, checks comprehension, and prompts discussion of the story read.

Skills needed: Intermediate Spanish, interest in promoting literacy & a love of reading


Description of WorkAway.info:

We offer a variety of opportunities for you to make a difference in the lives of local Ecuadorians and visitors alike by providing educational opportunities, working with ecological projects, and more. As a volunteer, you yourself will benefit also by being able to get to know local people, discover hidden talents, learn new skills, improve old ones, and practice your Spanish! Volunteers make close connections with the community here in Puerto López and leave with a sense of achievement, a new family, and a new outlook on life.We are selective with our volunteers, and we expect them to be professional, honest, dedicated, flexible, and overall positive. Volunteers need to be over the age of 18 and able to commit at least 15 hours a week for a period of one month. In addition, volunteers commit at least 2 hours a week helping with general household chores in addition to keeping their own rooms/areas clean. The volunteer community (which we hope you become a part of!) strives to maintain a friendly, happy, and clean home!

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