News: How to Find a Job in an International School Article

12/12/14 –  How to Find a Job in an International School

For those interested in trying to find a library position in an international school here is a recent article from TIE (The International Educator).  You can also check the Book Resources section of this blog – Chapter 3 as well as read my book if you want an in-depth perspective.

For those who join and receive the paper there is also two other relevant articles (see below for headlines).  FYI: I am not affiliated with TIE in any way, I promote them because they are a reputable paper and post the majority of the positions to be found in the international school world.


Saudi Arabia – 17 International Schools Shut Down
The Ministry of Education ordered the closure of 17 international schools and issued warnings to 32 others last year for violating local laws including not integrating the Arabic language and Islamic studies into their curricula and other irregularities…

Japan – International Schools in East Asia Are as Local as They Want to Be
Dubai’s private school sector is showing record growth as demand for a quality education in the UAE region continues to swell…

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