Job: EFADA Manager

12/11/14 –  EFADA Manager (Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in UAE)
Anakut, KUSTAR (Khalifa University of Science, Technology, and Research), Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Sarah P’s comments:  There are currently 4 librarian positions open with this University (see earlier posts as well). There is an abundance of universities in the UAE, some good, some not so good. KUSTAR does have good reviews to date and I am including a link to an article which mentions them in their discussion of the pros and cons of working in the Middle East.  The article is from 2012 but the information is still accurate and the author shares some insights which you should be aware of if you are considering working in the region.  The Middle East Option  by William Roden, Inside Higher Ed, 2/8/12.


Hello Colleagues,

The UAE library consortium called eFADA is searching once again for a Director. We conducted a search last year but failed to get our candidate of choice. Now we are searching again. By way of clarification, the position is at Ankabut, the national NREN, but Ankabut is currently under the auspices of Khalifa University. Hence Khalifa HR is conducting the search.

–Dorothy Byers, eFADA Executive Committee

Dr. Dorothy Furber Byers
Head of Libraries, Library
Khalifa University of Science, Technology & Research (KUSTAR)
PO Box 127788, Abu Dhabi, UAE
+971 (0)2 447 2442

About Ankabut:Ankabut is the United Arab Emirates’ Advanced National Research and Education Network (NREN) offering academic institutions connectivity to other education networks around the world. In addition to connecting universities, Ankabut can connect schools and public institutions together across the UAE with an effective cost model. Ankabut also co-operates on a national, GCC, regional and international arena representing the UAE in conferences, exhibitions and forums. Ankabut aims to offer QoS based networks with IPv4/IPv6, multicast and introduce advanced services on a “Closed Group Network” with “Public Interest Purposes”.

Ankabut interconnects universities with a 10G backbone and 1G access links. It enables a closed community network that allows the transfer of real-time services such as converged IM, voice and video communication, time-critical services such as grid computing interconnect (cloud computing), non-real time services such as e-learning, email, library interconnect, off-site disaster recovery, global federated single-sign-on and Wi-Fi networking to name a few.

eFADA, Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in UAE, is forming under the leadership of Ankabut, UAE’s Internet 2 network organization. The consortium aims to serve all accredited higher education institutions, as well as related organizations that would add value to the consortium. Ankabut serves 20 institutions and has the capacity to host consortium activities.

About the Role:

The Manager’s prime responsibility is the development and management of the library consortium. In consultation with the Board of Library Directors and the Executive Committee, the Consortium Manager provides vision, develops strategic plans, sets goals and policies, manages operations, and develops/manages staff.

  • Provides vision and leadership, sets strategic goals, and furthers the mission and strategic goals.
  • Prepares budgets and monitors approved capital and operating budgets. Prepares budget reports.
  • Leads initiatives to adopt technologies that enhance resource sharing and services to member libraries.
  • Hires and supervises qualified staff.
  • Administers projects and programmatic activities such as resource sharing, working with vendors, and coordinating members in setting policy and problem-solving.
  • Serves as liaison to the Board, members, working groups, and committees.
  • Implements procedures for managing and coordinating the work of the specialized committees and advisory councils.
  • Offers and manages electronic resources
  • Facilitates communication within the consortium; maintains website for the Consortium.
  • Provides administrative and logistical support for meetings and other member activities related to the Consortium.
  • Assesses and reports on use and costs/benefits of consortium activities.
  • Promotes services, attracts new members.
  • Participates in funding endeavors.
  • Represents the Consortium in local, regional, national and professional venues.
  • Negotiating contracts and licensing agreements.

About the Person:

  • Master of Library Science from accredited library school or equivalent
  • Minimum of ten years of progressively responsible professional experience in an academic/research library with a consortium similar to the eFADA
  • Experience with and understanding of resource sharing services and systems, Access Services, and automated library management systems.

About the Technical Requirements:

  • Ability to work with library system vendors on operational support and continued evolution of their systems, as needed.
  • Experience with digital repositories.
  • Strong organizational, analytical, and oral and written communication skills.
  • Management and budgetary experience
  • Effective negotiation skills for licensing digital resources
  • Experience in seeking and securing funding.
  • Demonstrated ability to use technology in current and emerging areas as well as in office applications.

Note: you will be required to attach the following:
1. Resume/CV
2. Passport-size photograph

Application Information

Contact: Human Resources
Khalifa University of Science, Technology and Research (KUSTAR)
Online App. Form:

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