Job: Head of Knowledge & Learning

11/14/14 –  Head of Knowledge & Learning
Well Told Story, Nairobi, Kenya

Sarah P’s comments:  This job is a bit outside the norm but sounds like a very interesting opportunity for those who have either training and/or experience with communications in addition to information management.

The Head of Knowledge & Learning

The task fields for the K&L department can be broken down as follows:

  • Generating deep qualitative information and insights, and maintaining profound understanding of the target audiences as part of strategy development, GroundTruth & Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Generating deep quantitative insight and analysis as part of strategy development, Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Co-creating, along with Creative Director, the creative strategies that inform WTS media production.
  • Ensuring the timely and effective sharing of insights, information, ideas and reports with relevant teams within WTS, with partners and the international research field

Job Roles

In-house Research

  • Leads Shujaaz Learning, Monitoring & Evaluation including review and delivery of the LME framework
  • Leads K&L workplans and budgets for Kenya, Tanzania & elsewhere
  • Leads coordination of all K&L projects and activity plans, both in-house and outsourced
  • Leads and manages full- and part-time K&L teams in Kenya, Tanzania & elsewhere
  • Contributes to Well Told Story strategy, programme design and fundraising as part of the Senior Management Team
  • Manages relationships with all research partners and advisors (including international universities and others)
  • Ensures consistent and timely interface between creative and K&L teams
  • Creates on-going learning narratives that document the insights and discoveries emerging from K&L and ensures these are shared with partners and the wider field
  • Maintains relationships with key research partners and advisors (such as MIT, University of Cambridge, University of Texas) and ensures Well Told Story remains at the forefront of media and social-change research
  • Ensures delivery of research commitments to all partners and timely quality reporting

External Research, M&E Service Providers

  • Leads the design, commissioning and oversight of third party research organisations to conduct independent studies such as large scale establishment surveys, impact evaluation surveys etc
  • Oversees commissioned and or partnership-based, technically specialized research designs including studies of digital and SMS communications, Word-Seeding, Positive Deviance, innovative RCT and other approaches

Skills & Experience Required

  • Experience and knowledge of social change research, including participatory monitoring and evaluation of complex social change programmes
  • Understanding of the international development field – current and emerging measurement and learning approaches and frameworks
  • Willingness to reflect and innovate in approaches based on emerging lessons and insights
  • Ability to design and use information systems for programme management and organisational learning
  • Team leadership & mentoring skills
  • Strong analytical, writing and synthesis skills
  • Strong communication, writing and presentation skills

Required Behaviours

  • Solution finding
  • Insightful
  • Pro-active
  • Positive attitude
  • Not afraid to challenge
  • Fair and consistent
  • Spot and exploit opportunities to benefit projects / people / opportunities
  • Setting up people and teams to succeed
  • Take a coaching approach to management and development of senior team members and enabling them to filter the same throughout the rest of the team
  • Inspire trust, confidence and motivation from clients and team
  • Instill the highest standards in Business Development

Interested candidates are invited to send a letter of interest accompanied by their current CV, or any queries, to by November 30th 2014

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