Volunteer: Library/Teacher Volunteer

11/7/14  –  Volunteer at Tumaini Junior School
Karatu, Tanzania

Tanzania Education Corporation (TEC) is seeking individuals to participate in our early education internship program at Tumaini Junior School in Karatu, Tanzania. Tumaini Junior School is a private, but non-profit English medium primary school whose mission is to educate the future leaders of Tanzania. Tumaini Junior School has ranked number 1 out of 90 schools for the past four years in the Karatu district and has proven to be a successful model for primary education not only for the region but for the entire country. Interns will volunteer at the school by assisting our pre-school teachers with classes in the mornings and by helping the librarian to manage our new library in the afternoons. Interns will have weekly meetings with TEC and Tumaini staff to learn more about education and development in Tanzania. Individuals who decide to become a part of our volunteer program have the option of staying anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 months throughout the 2015 year.

TEC, a Boston based non-profit, provides support for Tumaini Junior School, a private but non-profit English Medium School. Volunteers work alongside Tumaini’s dedicated Tanzanian staff and are assisted by TEC’s on the ground Volunteer Coordinator and western staff members.


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