Job: K-12 Librarian

11/6/14 –  K-12 Librarian
American School of Asuncion, Paraguay

Salary: U$32,645 – U$37,845


1. Settling-in allowance
2. Monthly housing allowance
3. Shipping allowance at beginning and end of contract
4. Round-trip ticket for initial contract and then each year after renewal
5.Clements worldwide health insurance (80-20 policy)
6. Stipend for advanced degree(s)
7. Salary step increase
8. Contract renewal bonus ($1,500)
9. Schools covers all costs for work visa and transition paperwork
10. On-site Master’s Degree program


1. Undergraduate degree in teaching area
2. Valid teaching certification
3. Two or more years of teaching experience

Age Restrictions: No
Additional materials:

1. Letter of Interest
2. Current Resumé
3. Reference Contact Information

Interviews: Skype

Sarah P’s comments:  Fall is the beginning of the recruiting season for international schools.  Schools can be a way to break into the international market as they offer the most positions.  If you do not have certification it is fairly easy to earn by studying online.   Please read Chapter 3 of my book for an in-depth explanation of this market if you are interested (and see the Book Resources section of the blog as well).  Also, I highly recommend joining both The International Educator (TIE) as well as International School Reviews (ISR) as they will help you to know what positions are available and, more importantly, which ones are the most reputable.

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