Comment: update on job in Bhutan

10/10/14 – Librarian
Royal Thimphu College, Bhutan

Whenever possible I check my network to see what folks know.  Some feedback I just received is that the salary is still low and housing is substandard.  Also, like in many places, local things are cheap but ‘foreign’ items are expensive.  This doesn’t mean don’t apply…just make sure to ask questions if you are interviewed.

2 thoughts on “Comment: update on job in Bhutan

  1. I am really glad to see this blog. Thank you so much Sarah for sharing it with us through AASL list serve. I am leaving for a Fulbright Distinguished Teaching Award position in Sheffield, England right after Christmas for four months. My problem is finding short term housing for four months. I have looked through the usual sources but no luck. Any librarian contacts out there who might know someone in Sheffield? I am by myself but expect visitors occasionally. Thanks!


    • Wow, what a great position and I know you will really enjoy it. My husband is half-British and we lived in Stafford (in the Midlands) for two years. About housing: I am not sure what ‘usual sources’ you have consulted but have you checked out SabbaticalHomes? They list rentals and exchanges as well as a place to post what you are seeking. Also, there is house sitting.
      And many folks in the UK rent rooms or share flats. I know you would like room to have company but renting a room is far easier and then you can hunt down a good B&B for guests when you are there. Rightmove and Gumtree are popular sites. Hopefully someone else will chime in with some other suggestions as well. I hope you plan to write about your experience! Safe travels, Sarah P.


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