Volunteer: Instituto Advance de Educação e Cultura

10/9/14 – Volunteer with Instituto Advance de Educação e Cultura
Sao Paolo, Brazil


To start serving from the beginning of February 2015 on

We are in search of volunteers on several segments, especially English teachers, Spanish teachers public relations, newsletter editor, librarian, persons that would be in charge of controlling the food and cleaning aids, and candidates of all other occupations.

If you are interested we will be glad to answer any and all questions you may come up with.

Detailed information on the application process will be sent upon request.

Prof. Benedito Guarilia Filho


Institutional e-mail: institutoadvance@institutoadvance.org.br

Personal e-mail: bgdito@mdbrasil.com.br

Sarah P’s comments:  This ad popped up on Idealist.  When I look at volunteer apps I look at who has written the ad and how it is reviewed.  In this case the ad is personable, includes contact information, and the website is well put together.  However I could not find any reviews (see Volunteering in Book Resources for links).  My next step therefore was to write to the institution.  I do this to gauge their legitimacy as well as their level of interest.  Yesterday I received the following e-mail:

Boa noite Sarah!

The reason why we say we need librarians, public relations, etc is because they are, in today’s world, we suppose, more literate and can make excellent English teachers and help us teach English to our children and teens.

All the best e um abraço fraternal! Obrigado pelo interesse.  Prof. Dito

I believe they are a legit organization however this response is common with volunteer opps for ‘librarians’.  It doesn’t mean this isn’t a legit place or wouldn’t be a good experience however it’s always good to verify beforehand whether it is a true librarian/library volunteer experience.  Having lived in Brazil, I have a soft for this wild and crazy place and have to say it would probably be a good time.  My oldest child was a carnival baby…too much fun down there in cerveza land…


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