Internships: BUNAC article

9/2914 –  MLIS Internship Experience with BUNAC

For anyone interested in obtaining a library internship here is a recent article about a student who organized one through BUNAC.

2 thoughts on “Internships: BUNAC article

  1. Hello,

    I was wondering if you had any other information/leads on international internships concerning library science? I’m very interested in traveling overseas and I see an internship as a great opportunity to do so. I’d appreciate any help that you could give me. Thank you.


    • Hi, I have spent quite a bit of time researching internship opps. as I think they are a great start to a career anywhere in this age of global librarianship. The good news is that internship opps, like volunteer opps, have risen greatly in the past few years and thus I have devoted a whole chapter to this in my book. However, finding an internship opportunity internationally for librarians can take some diligence and sometimes a willingness to reach beyond the traditional library setting. I recommend that you think carefully about what kind of library you would like to eventually work in and focus on obtaining an internship which will best help get you there.
      Probably the easiest way to obtain an internship international is with an international school. Search Associates (hiring agency) has an internship program which might be of interest. One other growing avenue is to branch out and try and intern with an NGO (see Devex and IREX). This might mean taking one or more courses outside of library school as knowledge management and international information management are both areas I see positions asking for. Another option is the Peace Corps which in recent years have become more involved in library development and has effectively placed several librarians. This is a two-year commitment but many former volunteers are now working for the Peace Corp and other NGO’s. If you visit the Book Resources section of the blog you will find several helpful links in the chapter 9, Internships and Volunteering and also Chapter 7, Special Libraries & NGO Opps. Finally, you should join organizations such as ILN – the International Librarian Network as they can help you meet global librarians who may be willing to assist you with organizing an internship. THe ILN maintains a list of country coordinators. The ALA IRRT also has a list of library projects they are helping support as well as list of Sister Libraries and there may be opps there as well. I hope this information helps and please keep me posted on how you progress. Safe travels, Sarah P.


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