Job: K-12 Head Librarian

9/25/14 – K-12 Head Librarian
Osaka International School, Osaka, Japan

The position

We are looking for an IB experienced librarian who can support teaching and learning and is a visionary for a 21st century library. A detailed overview of the position, the selection criteria and responsibilities is available here (pdf file).

The post is tentatively scheduled to begin in August, however an earlier start date is a possibility.


Please apply through the online application form. You should include an attachment comprising: a letter of application which addresses the specific post criteria addressed in the job description; a 1 page statement of philosophy of education; and a resume that includes the names, email addresses and contact telephone numbers of three referees, including most recent supervisors.

Sarah P’s comments:  Fall is the beginning of the recruiting season for international school librarians.  I post what I consider the most worthy positions (and sometimes the notorious as a warning) however if you are interested in school positions I advise you to join TIE (The International Educator) to see the whole list of what is available.  Note: this position has a potential mid-year start date so if you can be available then you might have a jump on the competition.

2 thoughts on “Job: K-12 Head Librarian

  1. Hi Sarah, thanks for posting all of these positions.
    Do most international school positions require a school media certificate? Or are there some that will accept public library Youth Services experience? Thanks!


    • Hi Kate,
      Not necessarily, there is usually a shortage of librarians which will help however you should be planning to get certified which is not too difficult. Please see the below excerpt from my book How to Become a Traveling Librarian (from the school library opportunities chapter) and also go the Book Resources part of this blog and click on School Library Specialist Certification Requirements by State (Chapter 3.) Best of luck, Sarah P.

      A Word about Credentials
      In order to be hired to work in international schools, you must have an MLIS and for the majority of positions be a certified school media specialist as well. If you do not have the SMS certification you can earn it fairly easily. Please see the Book Resources section for this chapter which will give you more information. Basically, choose one of the states, normally the one where you are resident, and submit your transcripts for evaluation (for a fee). You will then receive a list of education courses, normally 4-8, which you must take in order to be certified.
      In my situation, I graduated with the MLIS and then needed to take 4 classes (I had already taken two that counted toward my certification from the State of Maine). I then identified places where I could take these classes online and went to the hiring fair with this information in hand. I told prospective employers my plan – to study and earn the certification within one year while working – and was offered a contract. It helped that I had prior experience in a school library so volunteer in one if you don’t.
      volunteer in one.


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