Job: Virtual Newsletter Editor

9/9/14 –  Virtual Newsletter Editor  (6 openings)
CyberAlert, New York, USA

Editor of Exective News Digest for a major corporation.  CyberAlert monitors worldwide media for news articles and social media posts about the company, its products, competitors and the industry — and delivers those articles to an online editing system.  Editor uses the online system to select stories to appear in executive newsletter and write a short summary of the article (often the story lead).  The software then automatically assembles the final newsletter.  Most of the corporate news digests are issued once per day and contain 20 to 30 articles.  Most newsletters require 2 to 4 hrs. editing each day and are issued at 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m New York time.  The deadlines make the positions ideal for editors based in Europe, but familiar with the U.S. business melieu, and for early risers.  CyberAlert is currently seeking editors for newsletters in the air transport, pharmaceutical and telecommunications industries.

The editor should have the ability to identify important stories for the client companies and to be able to write short summaries (two to three sentences) about each story.  Please forward resume and explanation of relevant experience in editing or information research.

Sarah P’s comments:  I am including this because it is listed on SLA and allows you to work wherever you like…


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