Job: Director of Library

7/1/14 – Director of Library
New York University, Shanghai, China

New York University is seeking a Library Director for its NYU Shanghai portal campus. This is a unique opportunity to join NYU Shanghai as the first Sino-US higher education joint venture to grant a degree that is accredited in the US as well as in China.

In close coordination with NYU New York, this is an exciting opportunity for the Director to manage and lead the implementation of the library program for NYU Shanghai, including program start-up and expansion, staff recruitment and development, facilities requirements, development of joint services with NYU New York and NYU Abu Dhabi, resource management for the library’s budget, and development of policies for library operations and services. The Director of the NYU Shanghai Library will work closely with colleagues in New York and Abu Dhabi to develop services that optimize library staff and resources across the NYU Libraries.

Sarah P’s comments:  NYU appears to be committed to continuing to develop their international campuses.  The past few years the focus has been Abu Dhabi and now Shanghai seems to be the focus.  Librarians hired in Abu Dhabi were not considered part of NYU faculty however it might be different for a Director position.

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