Job: Digitial Scholarship Librarian/ Assistant Librarian

7/1/14 – Digital Scholarship Librarian/ Assistant Librarian
University Library System, The Chinese University, Shatin, Hong Kong

The University Library System is seeking a Digital Scholarship Librarian to grow a service to address the emergent demand for digital humanities, GIS and data management support at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.  The Digital Scholarship Librarian will lead the newly created digital scholarship service at the Library, foster successful adoption of digital methodologies and tools in research, teaching and learning. He/She will engage primarily with the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Social Science, students, research centres and other university bodies to advise on, promote, implement innovative and evolving digital scholarship tools and resources. This work is in the context of a rich tradition of humanistic research into China and Chinese culture at the University, and a University Library System with strong bi-lingual collections.

Application forms are obtainable (a) at, or (b) in person/by mail with a stamped, self-addressed envelope from the Personnel Office, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, Hong Kong, or (c) by fax polling at (852) 3943 1461.

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