Job: Teacher-Librarian

6/6/14 – Teacher-Librarian (School Librarian)
Gulf English School, Doha, Qatar

We are seeking to appoint a qualified Teacher Librarian who is innovative, enthusiastic and committed to driving student learning forward. The successful candidate will work alongside all curriculum areas, but will have a key role to play in supporting access to non-fiction texts, journals and e-information, as well as supporting the drive to improve and maintain good standards of literacy for all.

Further information about The Gulf English School can be found on our website.

Sarah P’s comments:  This school has branched out and this ad appeared on ALAjobs.  As it is June I suspect they have been unable to locate a qualified librarian via the regular recruiting channels.  As the reviews on ISR (International School Reviews) are very mixed, I can’t say I am surprised.  I do not usually share ISR posts as they are a subscription site but here is a snippet which I thinks sums up whether you should consider applying:

It is worth remembering when taking any job here or indeed anywhere in Qatar or the Middle East that this is not the UK or Australia or NZ. The school follows Qatari Labor Law and the visa and sponsorship laws of the country. If you don’t know what this entails I suggest you do some research or ask.”

(Plus, I dislike any school which uses the term teacher-librarian.  It’s a pet peeve as I believe librarians are important as well as a separate entity and it’s demeaning to both teachers and librarians to have the term combined.  I prefer the term ‘teaching librarian’ as that is more accurate a term!)

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