News: TIE & Unscrupulous Recruiters…

5/16/14 – Unauthorized Solicitation of TIE Members from Outside Company

Sarah P’s comments:  As a member of TIE I received this very interesting message.  Sadly, international education recruiting has now become big business…

Dear TIE Member,

We recently learned that a Chinese educational agency (ISAC) has been contacting some members of TIEonline soliciting their services and claiming to have their resumes.

We want to confirm that any and all information that has been obtained and used by this group has been done so unethically. Personal information, including names and email addresses, has been copied not through a breech of our security, but rather through the unethical actions of a recent recruiter who had legitimate access to our services. We have taken action to ensure this access is no longer available.

We today made it clear to the agency and their director, Charles Chao, that this pirating of any information from the web site is not only unethical but also entirely illegal. We have insisted that they immediately cease and desist this practice and that they remove their listings and all information taken from

If stronger steps are needed to protect TIE and our clients, we stand ready to take them. Meanwhile, if you are contacted by ISAC China (, please tell them to immediately remove your information from their site.

We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this situation has caused you. We are committed to resolving this issue swiftly and effectively.

Forrest Broman
CEO,The International Educator








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