Internship: UN Library / UNCITRAL Law Library

5/12/14 –  Intern Librarian 
UN Library & UNICITRAL Law Library, Vienna, Austria

The United Nations Library in Vienna and the UNCITRAL Law Library would like to invite students and recent graduates of Library and Information Science programs to submit an application through the UN Careers website (

Please note that the United Nations does not remunerate interns in any way. Costs and arrangements for travel, accommodation and living expenses are the responsibility of the interns or their sponsoring institutions. The minimum duration of an internship is 2 months.


3 thoughts on “Internship: UN Library / UNCITRAL Law Library

    • Hi Vena,

      There will be competition but I hope you apply for the internship. Vienna is a great city, full of things to do and I found people very helpful when I was visiting especially if you learn at least a smattering of Austrian. Anyway, to your question, it sort of depends on where you are living currently, meaning do you have anything to offer in exchange? If so, then you can go to or as they list exchanges all over the world including Vienna and it will be free or cost you very little. If you do not have a house or apartment to swap then visit and search under Vienna to see what you can find. There is The Caretaker’s Gazette (, a handy newsletter which lists housesitting opps worldwide. You will need to subscribe in order to see the listings but it’s not that much ($30) and it will also allow you to post an advert saying you are looking for a housesitting opp in Vienna. Finally, if you are accepted as an intern I am sure that the librarians involved will have some advice about housing. For an opportunity this valuable, I say go for it and the details will work out. Best of luck and keep me posted, Sarah P.


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