Job: Army Librarian

3/14/14 – Librarian (Army Installation Agency)
Kaiserslautern, Germany

Provides all members of the Military Community with reference/research using text and online searching principles, reader’s advisory/selective dissemination of information, circulation, programming and library instruction, marketing/public relations, interlibrary loans, and an up-to-date web presence. Performs technical services functions including acquisitions, procurement, cataloging/classification, physical processing, and accountability of materials. Supervises assigned staff. Assists chief librarian in overall management of the library.

Sarah P’s comments:  Apply now if interested!  This is a typical USAJobs ad where the open window is only three days.  I asked a friend who was a military librarian who advised it might mean there is a person already in line for the position but not necessarily.  He recommended creating a profile ahead of time and then when a position with a short application window pops up, you are read to apply ASAP.

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