Job: School Librarian

2/3/14 – School Librarian (Middle or Elementary)
American School of Doha, Qatar

ASD is a fantastic school in a supportive community, located in a fascinating country that is on the move. ASD was started 25 years ago by the American Embassy. We have almost 2100 students, 40% of whom are from North America. Qatar is a safe, progressive country that has a far-reaching and unusual vision for the future. Please see the attached job description. While the opening is for a librarian at the middle level, there is flexibility for a lower elementary librarian consideration.

Sarah P’s comments:  I just had to include the first sentence from the ad because it’s such an overstatement.  Doha is progressive in some ways however there is a repressive element that is growing (they recently banned alcohol in a new shopping area for example).  The school is established and well-funded however an increasing number of  many of the students are local and that trend is increasing as the school expands.  Two things to note: the job description is not attached as indicated nor is the job is posted on the school’s website.  Secondly, it is rare for international schools to post jobs outside of the established places such as the recruiting agencies and/or TIE (The International Educator).  This is evidence that the market is changing to hiring directly and that potentially schools are having trouble finding enough librarians to fill the jobs vacant (25 positions are open on TIE as I write this.)

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