Job: Library Director & Teaching Librarian

2/2/14 – Library Director & Teaching Librarian
College of the Marshall Islands, Majuro Atoll

Library Director:  The Library of the College of the Marshall Islands, a community college located on Majuro atoll in the Marshall Islands, invites applications for a full-time position as Director of Library Services to apply beginning March 2014.   Qualifications: MLS.

Teaching Librarian: The Teaching Librarian works with the library personnel to ensure that essential library education functions are performed for both CMI students and the Community. Qualifications: BA or BS in Education and school or college library experience.

Sarah P’s comments:  The Marshalls are where you should go if you want a funky, out-of-it experience.  They are far from anywhere and you will face challenges such as an unmotivated local population, expensive electricity, and things like the one ATM machine running out of money on weekends.  However, that said, this is the first time I have seen two positions listed for the library so progress must be happening at least at the College.  Note that an MLS is not needed for the teaching position and these positions were previously posted sometime last fall so they must not have been successful in finding acceptable candidates.

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