Job Exchange: LIBEX

LIBEX: International Library and Information Job Exchange

LIBEX acts as a clearinghouse for UK Librarians and library and information staff in other countries who are interested in arranging a job exchange between a UK based post and a non-UK based post. The service is free of charge and includes exchange information and stories.

Sarah P’s comments:  I think this is a great way for someone who wants to have a taste of overseas life or can’t afford to make a long-term commitment either financially or time-wise.

Job: Elementary School Librarian

12/3/13 – Elementary School Librarian
Colegio Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lima, Peru

Sarah P’s comments: CFR is one of the most established international schools in South America.  They pay is not high in South America but the cultural experience is fantastic.  A new Head of Library was hired last year and this year they have two positions listed, one for elementary and one for EC.

Job: Information Services Specialist – Circulation

12/10/13 – Information Services Specialist – Circulation
Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar, Doha

Sarah P’s comments:  I have watched the development of Doha’s Education City since its inception in 2002.  Jobs regularly appear and are filled but the process is vague and the length of time to hire very slow.  Salaries are good and Doha is safe but recently has been trending toward becoming conservative.  I believe that Weill Cornell list jobs looking to hire someone already in the country as a spouse and only if they cannot fill the position do they then hire from overseas.

Job: Director of Library Services

12/9/13 – Director of Library Services
College of the Marshall Islands, Majuro, Atoll

Sarah P’s comments: If you want to live ‘out there’ this is the place to go.  They hang a sign up at the grocery store when fresh vegetables arrive and the ATM sometimes runs out of money before the weekend is over.  It is crazy and funky and the College is always struggling to keep afloat but somehow manages to keep going.  It is interesting to note that there are two positions being advertised which is a new development – maybe there is finally some funding for the library.

Job: Reference Instruction Librarian

12/3/13 – Reference Instruction Librarian
Zayed University, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Sarah P’s comments:  Zayed is arguably one of the better academic institutions in the UAE.  That said I have had friends apply there, have interviews that went well, and then…nothing.  This is business as usual for hiring practices in the Middle East.